The Beginning of DEW!

The Beginning of DEW!


We all have goals and dreams in this life, but for us...we set those aside to try to be the best wives and mothers we could be. We used our creative energies to help our kids with projects or dreams they had, and we would create our own things on the side, from clothing designs, to huge events. But we set aside the BIGGER dreams we had for the future, even though we talked about our ideas at every family event. We all knew that one day we'd be able to make things happen, but when?...

Last year, things just started to come together.  Two of us had kids who were in school all day, and the other was itching to develop some of the ideas we'd talked about for years.  Things all changed with a phone call.  The idea was presented and instead of it "not being the right time", it finally was!  We researched a path, had a meeting, and bought our airplane tickets!  WHAT?! We'd never moved forward with anything before, but somehow, things were working out and finally it felt like the right time.

We flew out to L.A. for our first Fashion Market and we were like fish out of water, pretending to know what this new fashion language was. We didn't know much, but we met some amazing people along the way who were patient with us and helped us understand just what we needed to do.  We walked around, talked to everyone we could find, asked tons of questions, and then had lunch and dinner meetings discussing what our next steps would be, and what each of us would bring to the table.

It was overwhelming! We felt a little out of sorts, until one day we met someone who we felt like was just "sent from above".  He pulled us in his office, sat us down for a couple of hours, and everything started to make sense.  He was asking us questions that started to actually ANSWER the questions we all had.  We left his office knowing exactly what our path would be, what each of us would contribute, and what we wanted the end result to be.

That night, our dinner meeting was exciting! We ALL felt like this was meant to be; not just the company we were going to start, but the difference we wanted to make; the END result! And we felt divine help and knew it was the right time!

Since that day, as you would expect, it's most definitely NOT been smooth sailing.  We've had good days and bad days; days where the ideas and problem solving flow, and days where we feel major frustration; times we are working amazingly together, and times the business has to take a back seat to family situations. We've had incredible support from some, AND we've heard and felt judgments and criticism from others. We've had to remind each other over and over again that it doesn't matter what people think.  There will always be others we'll be compared to, and reasons to doubt ourselves, but we love the quote "I'm not interested in competing with anyone. I hope we all make it." because we really do! It's hard to be a woman in business, and we need to support each other. We are doing what we're doing because of passion to create, desire to give back, and because, frankly, IT'S ABOUT TIME!