"DEW"ing it Ourselves! ;)

"DEW"ing it Ourselves! ;)

We'd like to think we're pretty resourceful people... We wish we could say it's because we've chosen to be that way, but truthfully, most of the time, it's because life has thrown its curve balls and we've had to problem solve using what we have at our disposal.

Our Grandpa always said (and our mom repeatedly quoted him), "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." He was an awesome example of that. Even when he had money to replace used up, torn up shoes, he chose to tape them up instead. That's not a popular idea in our culture, and it hasn't been a very popular one in our family, but we've had to apply that as we've up-cycled old clothes, repaired our own appliances, and taken care of our families' needs the best we could when we couldn't ask for (or pay for) anyone to help us.

This has served its purpose, especially now, as we've started this business on our own. Much of our creativity has come from having to be resourceful. And this time was no different...

A few weeks ago, we met together and were brainstorming next steps to growing our business. We decided in that meeting that we should participate in the Salt Lake Women's Show. The problem was, even if there WAS space, we were totally unprepared to attend an event like that. We didn't even have anything ready for a booth, or much of a budget to create the kind of booth we wanted. But, we remembered something our parents have always taught us:

You can do anything you set your mind to!

We figured if we all worked together, using each of our different talents, we'd be able to make it happen, somehow.

As we started looking at costs of signage, walls, furnishings, and decorations for our booth, we were extremely discouraged. We talked to several people about how they could help. No one was available to help, and those that could, wanted to charge a fortune, especially given the time constraints (1 1/2 weeks). At first, we tried to figure out a way to make it simpler but no one was happy with putting out something we weren't proud of.

SOOO, we decided we'd just do this ourselves. We'd make it happen! Heidi said she could build a wall and started researching how to do it, made measurements, went to Home Depot and bought supplies. I'll admit, we were nervous about the outcome; but she got to work, using our dad's tools and input, and some of his help!

I decided to just try to cut letters myself. Why not? If they didn't work, it wasn't much of a loss. It was better than paying $300 to someone else and then hoping it would be finished on time. I made a letter template, traced it on wood, used an old jigsaw my grandpa gave me and went to work.

Becca used all of her design skills and went on the hunt for inexpensive furnishings that could be put together, and found some steals that worked perfectly, creating the exact booth she'd envisioned.

All of our anxiety was at an all-time high! But, we repeatedly relied on this: If we do our part, God will make up the difference! And he did!

As we finished putting together our booth the day before the show, we stood back and smiled. It was just what we pictured! Was it perfect? No! But we could see that our combined efforts had, at the very least, created something we were proud of.

Now... what's the point of this post? It's this: If you really want something, then GO FOR IT! If you're willing to put in the work, YOU CAN MAKE ANYTHING HAPPEN!  And one more cliche quote.. If you believe it, you can achieve it. We honestly know that to be true! We started this business not knowing how we could make anything work. Without having a fortune to invest, we've had to be pretty resourceful. We developed our website on our own through much trial and error and many phone calls, and it's still a work in progress. We create our own emails, handle our own social media, and are continually working on figuring out our own marketing.  We've used Becca's daughters to model, she takes all of our pictures, edits and styles the clothes, and adds content to our sites. We've tapped into Heidi's organization skills, and she's handled all of our finances, website challenges and building needs ;). I handle the vendor relationships and shipping and receiving tasks, and we all work on customer service inquires. All of these new roles are difficult, and we're all constantly stretching and learning, but we take pride in the fact that we're each taking the things that we do best, and trying to learn to be even better every day. We're trying to live by this quote by Wayne Dyer: My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better than I used to be"

So to all of you reading this post, you have more talents than you probably recognize! Believe you can, put in the work, and make things happen for yourselves! If we can, trust us.. anyone can.